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he was dancing excitedly to ‘I Do I Do’ , then he fell into the ditch ………

he was dancing excitedly to ‘I Do I Do’ , then he fell into the ditch ………

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I never said it before, but I don’t fall in love easily. But I was feeling that way all the time.  When I was drinking with my closest friends, and even when nothing was happening, I couldn’t stay cool. When I made food alone, I’d think to myself how it was a waste not to share it with you. When I start laughing at the television late at night… All of those things together would bring your face up in my head! I’d think, “This would be so much better if he was here with me.” I realized, “Ah, there’s no doubt. Now that I think about it, I’m head over heels. I like him. This is what it means to like somebody.” I mean, I knew that our personalities were completely different. We’d fight over every little thing. I thought things might change if we had kids. Then I told you about it… You immediately said, “I don’t need kids.” Well then, when? When will you ever be interested in starting a family? When will you be able to care for a family? Two years into marriage and those thoughts kept popping up. When there’s an accident on the Yamate Line I’d think, “Is he ok?” When I heard about a customer who’s hospitalized I’d think, “I’ve got to take him for a check-up.” I fantasize about cuddling under a kotatsu with you. When I see a small child, I dream about having our child here at home. Even now, those dreams haven’t changed!

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dongyas asked you: nell’s four times around the sun or white night? ^^

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